How it Works

Caught in a bad romance with utility and reoccurring service companies?
We all need these types of services, but are you getting the best deal? Odds are… “no”.

Finding ways to save day-to-day expenses, Billsnip is a service that allows you to get back to what’s important to you in life while we identify savings and negotiate your bills. Our team has a background in personal finance-saving services, so we are dialed into the process of saving consumers money!

Our simple process

  1. Send Us Your Bill: Take a picture of your bill or scan it in.
  2. You Do You, We Help You: Our expert negotiators will review your bill and find out how much we can save you. We will call businesses on your behalf so you don’t have to waste time waiting on hold or negotiating and getting nowhere.
    • If we can’t save you anything, there is nothing more to do. You just got a free bill review.
    • If we can save you money, we will negotiate with the service and lock in the savings.
  3. Simple Billing: If we get you a better deal, we take a portion of your savings. See how we charge.
  4. Money Back: Your credit and future discounts for the bill we negotiated will appear on your future bills.
  5. Get Back to What You Do Best: Save time and money so you can keep the precious moments of your day. Let us do the heavy lifting to get you a better deal.

We negotiate all types of services

  1. Cable or satellite television
  2. Music streaming services
  3. Storage units
  4. Internet service
  5. Cell phone service
  6. Home security systems
  7. Satellite radio
  8. Home automation systems
  9. Mortgage interest rates and fees
  10. Credit card interest rates
  11. …. and more!